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Quality Grass Finished Beef 

How we raise our beef

      Our beef is raised out on a very diverse pasture including more than 70 different species of grasses forbs and legumes for more then 300 days per year being moving to new pastures a minimum of twice per day. The water they drink is spring water from one of our two high quality springs. The calves stay with their moms for up to ten months. We handle the cattle using low stress methods and keep everything low stress for them. If pasture is not available. We feed the highest of quality hay spread out on the field if the weather permits if a new pasture is not available.

   Raising the cattle in this way, we feel it is better for the environment, wildlife, pollinator insects, and produces the highest quality product. For you, the consumer, can rest at ease that the product you are consuming is high in nutrition, tastes great, and is healthier for you.

    If you are interested in purchasing beef, we require a hundred- dollar nonrefundable deposit. We only finish a handful of beef each year and when you order it may take a couple months to fill your order. We don’t harvest the animals till there ready to be harvested. I think grass fed beef got a bad rap due to not being finished correctly. Rest assured we take great pride in producing the highest of quality product that is not only healthy for you, but healthy for the environment as well.

How It Works:

  1. Order your beef (1/4, ½, or whole)

  2. Send us a deposit of $100

  3. We will give you confirmation of your deposit and a perspective date

When the animal is sent for harvest:

  1. We will call you let you know it is going for processing

  2. Once, we know the hanging weight of your portion, we will call you with a total.

    1. You can drop off this amount

    2. You can mail a check to 1532 Stitzinger Road, Tionesta, PA 16353

  3. We will also give you the phone number of the processor, so that you can call in how you want it cut.

  4. Once your payment is received and you have called in your cuts, your meat will be released at the processor’s location for pickup.  You will still have to pay the processor for processing when you pick up your meat. (This step can sometimes be confusing, We Will Walk You Through It.)

We charge $4.00 per pound hanging weight

The hanging weight for a whole animal is 475-600 pounds

The processing fees usually comes to about $100 per quarter  

If you want to experience how your beef is raised firsthand, please call us for a visit.

We look forward to your order

Call 814-354-2325 or email us at

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