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Quality Grass Finished Beef 


How we raise our beef


   Our beef is meticulously raised in a diverse pasture encompassing over 70 distinct species of grasses, forbs, and legumes, granting them more than 300 days annually to graze and explore. Their daily routine includes a minimum of two pasture rotations, ensuring a constantly fresh environment. Quenching their thirst with pure spring water from our two pristine springs, these animals enjoy the best nature has to offer.

The bond between calves and their mothers is nurtured, with the young ones staying by their mothers' side for up to ten months. Our approach prioritizes low-stress methods throughout their handling and care. In cases where pastures might be limited, we provide the utmost quality hay, strategically distributed across fields, weather permitting, if new pastures aren't an option.

   This meticulous approach to raising cattle not only benefits the animals but extends to the environment, wildlife, and pollinator insects. The end result is a product of unparalleled quality. When you, our valued consumer, indulge in our beef, you can trust that it's not only packed with nutrients and delectable flavor but is also a healthier choice.

Should you wish to purchase our beef, a nonrefundable deposit of a hundred dollars is required. We operate on a small scale, finishing only a select number of beef each year. This dedication to quality might mean that when you place your order, there could be a waiting period of a couple of months. We hold off on harvesting until the moment the animals are at their prime, ensuring that the meat is at its best.

Grass-fed beef has, at times, been criticized due to improper finishing techniques. However, we take immense pride in our process, which guarantees a product of the highest quality. Not only is it beneficial for your health, but it also aligns with our commitment to environmental well-being. Your choice to enjoy our beef contributes to a sustainable and wholesome ecosystem.

How It Works:

  1. Order your beef (1/4, ½, or whole)

  2. Send us a deposit of $100

  3. We will give you confirmation of your deposit and a perspective date

When the animal is sent for harvest:

  1. We will call you to let you know it is going for processing

  2. Once we know the hanging weight of your portion, we will call you with a total.

    1. You can drop off this amount

    2. You can mail a check to 1532 Stitzinger Road, Tionesta, PA 16353

    3. We will also give you the phone number of the processor so that you can call in how you want it cut. 

    4. Once your payment is received and you have called in your cuts, your meat will be released at the processor’s location for pickup.  You will still have to pay the processor for processing when you pick up your meat. (This step can sometimes be confusing. We Will Walk You Through It.)

We charge $5.00 per pound hanging weight

The hanging weight for a whole animal is 475-600 pounds

The processing fees usually come to about $100 per quarter  

If you want to experience how your beef is raised firsthand, please call us for a visit.

We look forward to your order

Call 814-354-2325 or email us at

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